An ever going debate, Rugby vs American Football

There are many comparisons to the American Football and Rugby due to the similarities of their in game mechanics that is to completely outplay your opponent by scoring much more points that them by bringing in the foot ball inside the opponent’s defended goal.

This had pumped up questions that which is a better in field game? For the Americans it would be American Football but to Europeans and the Brits it would be the Famous Rugby game, but which is which?

Both Rugby and Fooball games are equally as tough and generally at least fast. See some Football players have more speed because of speed, running back and line backing. While, Rugby players are way fitter due  to side stepping etc.

But these two main stream game are different though there are running and tackling as common in the two. In Rugby this game is a free flowing game that is conceptually common to basketball than American Football due to the tactics and in game decisions. in Football, positional play and strategy are required.

Rugby requires continuous play which is requiring a very high degree of strategy. While in the Football it needs burst of speed and recognition.

Moreover, there is this so called “playbook”  in  American football that looks like a Dictionary.

Actually whatever sports you want, you will still feel exitement and joy in both. At the end of the day it will always be your own preference.