What makes sports so exciting

When we talk of sports, it is not something that is done with pure talent alone. It should mesh with perseverance, skill, dedication and hard work. Many of the top athletes are pushing themselves in all the limit of their boundaries just to go and take the coveted price that is the Gold standard.

Sports will always be part of humanity. Even in ancient times, many have already been into the sports may it be in the strength category, flexibility or a physical sport.

Ancient Rome has made famous the combat sport by gathering around 20 thousand people to watch people fight to death and hail the winner as a better gladiator.

Today many iconic people have been the motivation for many.  People who change not only the world of sport but of racial color barrier too.

Long ages before the African-Americans were segregated and were also subject of discrimination but thanks to Jackie Robinson an African-American who took the toil of being the sacrificial lamb made an impact and into a major baseball sports and eventually all the sports.

Today people like Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali, Kobe Bryant wouldn’t be in the mix if not for Jackie Robinson.

Sports is not always about the golds, the silvers, the bronze, the trophies or the crowns but will always be the treasure for the joy, the change it can bring and the excitement and happiness it brings to all may it be spectators or players.