The 10 Coolest Suspended Pools You Can Put In Your Bucket List

Swimming pools are normal for people already and commercial ones can become crowded when the summer heat takes its toll or during the holidays. Pools are great value and entertainment especially for people who likes to swim. Some are blessed with beaches but some are not so pools are the best alternative. We can see swimming competitions that happenĀ even in the Olympics. As we love swimming and so do many other people, we feature the suspended pools that were ranked into ten lists as considered as a cool pool.

Many people nowadays can come with a crazy idea that can be put into practice with the help of technology. Designing and constructing became different. In the video above is the list and images of the ten pools that is suspended. It is not an easy task and not all are brave to be able to swim in them. Taking a photo is enough already but for those swimmers who are ready for the challenge, it is an experience that should not be missed. The first in the ranking of the ten pools is the Embassy Gardens Sky Pool.

It seems you are in a competition with spectators when you are swimming except that people from below look up to you. It is a good engineering and design and a great way for people to try new things.