Author: James

Some of the many benefits of cycling to your health

Cycling is done usually by men but very soon women catch up. Cycling has many purposes and is also very good as it has many benefits not just on the body but also in the environment and the community. Cycling is also popular and there are competitions fo it. It is also included in the […]

The different benefits of exercising regularly

Exercise is one of the topics that you cannot avoid everywhere. It just pops out sometimes on conversations. It means its influence and importance cannot just be disregarded. Many people say they want to get fit and one of the top ways to do it is to have exercise. Many people already know that exercise is […]

What makes sports so exciting

When we talk of sports, it is not something that is done with pure talent alone. It should mesh with perseverance, skill, dedication and hard work. Many of the top athletes are pushing themselves in all the limit of their boundaries just to go and take the coveted price that is the Gold standard. Sports […]

An ever going debate, Rugby vs American Football

There are many comparisons to the American Football and Rugby due to the similarities of their in game mechanics that is to completely outplay your opponent by scoring much more points that them by bringing in the foot ball inside the opponent’s defended goal. This had pumped up questions that which is a better in […]

8 basic things to know before yo go hiking

Hiking is one of the outdoor activities that once dominated by the male population due to its required ability and physical requirements. Now you can see the rise of female mountaineers who also do this. Mountaineers are the ones who understand about mountains, weathers, and others that might affect their climbing a mountain. As it […]