Rugby, the most intense game

Rugby is considered the best contact sports out there and is way better sport that American Football for some. The aim of the game is to beat your opposing team by scoring more points just like other famous sports. But you have to do this by mainly scoring tries. In an event that you score you get a 5 points for each.

The game is similar to American Football where you must get a grounding ball in the opposition’s in goal area. In an event that you kick the ball you can also have a score when the ball gets in with the cross bar set up in the goal’s opposition.

The game usually begins when the kick-off starts. That is when the ball is kicked to begin the game. There is a certain condition when kicking there must be a bounced of the ball which is called the drop kick.

The players can carry it anyway they want it to be carried. And run it after the opposition’s goal but the one thing that will block your way are the tacklers that will stop your way to block your team from scoring.

Always remember that in this kind of sport you must have determination and focus on controlling the ground ball and score points.

The play will continue unless the ball goes out of bounds and a player breaks some rules.

This game is always best for the athletes who are fit.
Always remember that you must Hone your talent ans skills. Do this every day and you’ll find this very enjoyable.

Of course, above everything you must enjoy this.