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Sport Training Periodization, Strength, Power, Agility
"Fail to Plan is Plan to Fail"




     Frederick is now a member of the Tudor Bompa Institute (TBI)Team, founded by Dr. Tudor Bompa, considered by many as the father of modern Sport Periodization. TBI mission is to develop training awareness through a rationale of scientifically proven training periodization system to enhance multi-sports performances.
     Frederick is a TBI certified Periodization-Planning Specialist (P-PS), a Junior Athlete Training Specialist (JATS), and the TBI Director of Training and Development for Japan and French speaking countries.


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Dr. Tudor Bompa Introduction


Pr. Bompa & Frederick Toronto 2007


     Tudor O. Bompa, PhD, Professor Emeritus, York University, Toronto, Ontario, and founder of the Tudor Bompa Institute - TBI - is regarded worldwide as the leading specialist in the areas of training, coaching and fitness theory, to which he has contributed several new concepts.
     Dr. Bompa’s theories, especially the theories of planning-periodization; periodization of strength, power, speed and endurance; periodization of fitness, bodybuilding, psychological periodization; and periodization of nutrition, have revolutionized training in most countries of the world.
     Dr. Bompa has published 14 books (all best sellers) which have been translated into 18 languages. Most of these books are used as textbooks in universities, coaching institutions, certification programs and continuing education courses in more than 150 countries. He has also published over a hundred research papers while at the same time making presentations in over 35 countries on topics such as training theory, planning-periodization, training methods, strength and power training, specifics of training for team sports and more.
     As a coach, Dr. Bompa trained 11 medalists in various Olympics (2 gold medals) and World championships in 2 sport disciplines: track and field and rowing. He was himself an Olympic rower, and he later revolutionized the training concepts in cross country skiing.




Sport Periodization Concept


     Periodization of sport training is not a new concept, and has been applied since ancient times. The use of sport science's results is more of the new concept of the theory, which started to take place in Eastern block countries in the early 60's.
     Periodization is simply put, a way to cut general training into phases having their own development and purpose. Each of these phases is interacting with the other ones like the links of a chain, making the final result an optimally prepared athlete or group of athletes, physically, technically, tactically and psychologically ready for the toughness of competition. The development of periodization for training in any sport is a pathway to success, and moreover to the great satisfaction of being as prepared as possible for the physical and mental challenges ahead. The athlete development through a periodized training system will address the general and specific energy systems and bio-motor abilities for the sport, and enhance in a step by step process from Preparatory to Competition and regeneration/Transition phases, the fundamental elements of the sport such as: Endurance, Speed, Strength, Power, Technical and Tactical, Psychological and Nutritional aspects.
     Learning the fundamentals of TBI Training System can be achieved through a set of different courses, where athletes/players and coaches alike are able to practically apply the learnt concepts of periodization training to a sport of their choice.



     We place a great emphasis today, on the development of strength training for any sports activity, and the long term periodization of general core strength training, combined with programs specifically designed for every sports. Field evidences have shown that in most instances, strength or thereof the lack of strength, is a limiting factor for skill and technical/tactical further development.
     It is therefore of the upmost importance, we believe, that a specifically targeted strength program, with a conversion of the gain in strength to power, power-endurance or muscular-endurance, been developed for ultimate enhancement of athletic performance, no matter the sport chosen. Please contact Frederick for further information.


Rugby Application of Training Periodization


     Rugby is a complex sport, like all team sports, as many elements are involved in the training process. The ergogenesis (or production of work) in rugby is: 60% Aerobic, 30% Lactic and 10% Alactic. Limiting factors of the activity are: power, power-endurance, acceleration/deceleration under the extreme conditions of lactic and aerobic endurance.
     Therefore we can determine the training objectives for rugby as being:
     -Development of all energy systems with emphasis to the aerobic endurance to last games and enhance recovery between bouts
     -Development of starting power and power-endurance
     -Development of agility with emphasis on fast feet
     -Development of acceleration/deceleration and quick changes in direction
     With this in mind, and knowing the specific competition schedule of the team, we can develop an annual training plan including all physical factors involved in training, together with the technical, tactical, psychological and nutritional aspects of the game.
     Note: Speed, Power and Agility (quick footwork and changes of direction) are the result of the force the player will apply to the ground. We can therefore say that these are only the features and end results of the maximum strength without which the player will not be able to apply more force on the ground. In one word: we can not develop powerful, quick, fast, and agile players without developing their strength first!...
      Periodization of training is giving an important part of the strength and power development in the preparatory phase of the training.
      If you are interested in establishing a program for yourself as a player or for your team, please contact Frederick now!...
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